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(Includes Directions for Jack-in-the-Boxes)

(Flowers and Directions on page 40)


At this site you will find many creative projects to keep you busy all year long whether you like to paint, sew or work with wood. You will find that my patterns have a little primitive appeal, a lot of country charm and sometimes, Victorian flair. There are many easy-to-follow projects with complete instructions and full size pattern pieces. They are designed to make you smile and lighten your heart.

Crafting allows us to put a little of our happiness and love into the project we make. We can touch the heart of family as we decorate our home or touch the heart of others when we give a gift or sell a project at a craft show.

The Lord gave us our hands to work. So let's keep our hands busy as we craft and remember" All that you do, do for the Lord and He will bless the works of your hands. May God bless you with a happy heart.

(Directions for "Twigs" the Garden Angel Kitty on page 12)

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