"How to Sew and Turn Little Thin Arms"
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1. Trace the arm pattern onto doubled tea dyed muslin using a pencil.

2. Machine stitch (1.5 size stitch) around the arms on the traced line leaving an opening at the top of the arms.

3. Cut arms out 1/8" away from stitching.

4. Insert the plastic straw into one arm going through the opening at the top.

5. Use a thin wood skewer (the blunt end) and poke the end of the arm into the straw.

6. Keep pushing on wood skewer to keep pushing fabric arm into straw, all the way up to the opening.

7. Pull the skewer out of the straw and then pull the straw off the arm.

8. Insert straw into other arm (going through the opening that is now at the bottom of the arms).

9. Use the wood skewer to poke the end of the other arm into the straw.

10. Push on skewer to push rest of fabric arm into straw.

11. Pull skewer out of the straw and then pull the other arm out of the straw.

12. Carefully poke skewer into both sides of arms to make sure very ends of arms are turned out.


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